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english versionbrazilian version

Telesales: 5643-4444

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Scala Papéis

Scala Papéis was founded in 2001 with the union of professionals in the field of disposable papers for personal hygiene in institutional settings. Originally the focus of the manufacturing was the one of sanitary products like Towel Paper, Toilet Paper and mainly with innovations like the Protective Paper of Sanitary Seat.

Such acceptance and credibility in the market, Scala Papéis in a few years became a major manufacturer of own brand products for third parties.

In these coalitions, the parallel market of disposable paper for tables has become a new segment of which currently accounts for almost half of everything manufactured in the company.

Currently the company invests in the most modern within the national scenario regarding the conversion of disposable tissue paper for personal hygiene, with emphasis on personalized products in different ways, captivating now both the institutional public and the final consumer .


Scala Papéis has a tissue development department, which is responsible for the construction and maintenance of all industrial equipment within the company.

In view of the precariousness of the diversification of products Considered the "basic", the constant search for In viewthe precarious in terms of diversification of products considered as "basic", the constant pursuit of innovation made this department was responsible for several innovative releases, such as "Napkin Sache" wholly produced without the use of direct contact manual. The universe of "conversion of tissue paper for personal hygiene" should be considered as a being of constant evolution, for all that to it is developed is based on the needs of the current market, so who dictates releases is the consumer.

The consumer is simply the essential reason for the existence of the company, so it is with great zeal that Scala Papers has relationships with people of whom use disposable products, both actively when offering a product, as in the receptive form when consuming . For this goal to be attainable an entire body of employees is trained to receive requests and turn them into solutions.


Promote solutions in products and services in disposable personal care, responding with excellence to consumer needs, always aiming at the quality of life, health, cost effectiveness and considering the sustainability of an efficient, honest and smarter planet.


To remain as a Brazilian roots company, with solid developments and deployments and equity, ensuring stability and confidence in promoted partnerships as a result of work.
Constant development in the quest to optimize products and services, seeking intelligent solutions for the consumption of disposable personal hygiene items ina sustainable fashion.


  • To conduct business within highest standard of ethics, integrity and confidentiality;
  • To provide a harmonious working environment, promoting personal and professional development of employees by stimulating communication, encouraging the participation of all the solutions of the problems with transparency in the decision making issues.
  • Always provide clear and objective instructions, and recognize and value the positive results;
  • Customer satisfaction on the quality of products and services bringing benefits to all;


Scala Papeis conducts operations for the domestic and international markets, meeting global stards of compliance and sustainability. Scala accounts for some leading products and its exclusivity and fashion manufacturing. Operating in the wholesale market / retail dealer and the final consumer, in targeted product distribution area related to paper for personal hygiene.

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